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Brains: How They Seem to Work by Dale Purves

This book is part autobiography part recap of where neuroscience came from and where it is now. Mr. Purves happened to start university around the time that neuroscience was gaining ground, and he knew many of the top players in this field. Starting with the low-level “how neurons work” all the way through modern guesses at the overarching process of the brain, he allows the reader to understand the field and its major players without having to have knowledge beforehand. In addition to this chance to learn about the brain, this book also gives us a truly enjoyable story with helpful illustrations.


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Cupcakes for Two: A Collection of Ten Small-Batch Cupcake Recipes by Alex True

The book includes, as the title suggests, ten recipes for cupcakes, where each recipe makes only a few cupcakes. This means you don’t have to make a ton when you just want to share with a couple of people. This is perfect for me too, since I have a tiny oven. These recipes are delicious, and go from regular funfetti and simple pound cakes to peanut butter cookie dough cupcakes. My favorite is the Triple Chocolate Cupcakes, which are chocolate cakes with Nutella filling and chocolate espresso frosting. Delicious! This is a fun book of simple recipes that can easily be made for a few, or doubled for more sharing!

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Catherine the Great: Portrait of a Woman by Robert K. Massie

Catherine the Great is generally accepted as one of the best leaders Russia ever had. On the other hand, she was a foreigner who usurped the throne. This book starts at her birth and goes through her entire life. Writing the story in such a comprehensive way allows the reader to understand Catherine as a person and sympathize with her. This is one of those true stories that seem to fantastical to be true. A truly enjoyable read.

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