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Heat Rises by Richard Castle

Continuing the series of Nikki Heat, this book is not a disappointment. When a pastor is found dead in a BDSM shop, everyone assumes he’s just another corrupted religious figure. Except there are certain anomalies that Detective Heat finds, that soon lead to a chase that she didn’t expect. Another fun, fast-paced story by Richard Castle.


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Naked Heat by Richard Castle

This book goes along with the ABC TV show, Castle. Homicide Detective Nikki Heat and award-winning journalist Jameson Rook team up again to find the killer(s) of three individuals, one of whom is a famous gossip journalist. A fast-paced mystery similar to the TV show, this is a fun quick read that you won’t want to put down.

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Beastly: Lindy’s Diary by Alex Flinn

As the companion novel to Beastly, this story, obviously, takes the perspective of Lindy. The readers get a chance to understand the tale from a different angle, as well as to learn more about it since Lindy tells about different events. A fun way to see the classic Beauty and the Beast story from the perspective of Belle.

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Beastly by Alex Flinn

This is the book that inspired the movie of the same title, starring Alex Pettyfer and Vanessa Hudgens. Kyle Kingsley is the most popular boy in school, with a father who is a major news anchor. Lindy is an overlooked scholarship student at Kyle’s exclusive private school in New York City. When Kyle has an entitlement attitude to go with his gorgeous looks, a witch makes him look as ugly on the outside as on the inside. Can he find someone to love him, whom he loves back, that is willing to kiss him to break the spell? I love modern retellings of classic fairy tales, and this one is no exception.


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Match Me by Liz Appel

Bonnie is a typical 20 year old, working part-time at a toy store and taking community college classes part-time. After she crashes the wedding of her ex-boyfriend, Chase, her friend Jill decides to sign her up for Match Me, and online dating site. The story then follows her adventures through the next few weeks. This story is exactly like the typical romantic comedy movies, but it’s definitely still a fun read!


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Flatland: a romance of many dimensions by Edwin A. Abbot

This story is based in a world called Flatland where all of the humans are only two-dimensional, in fact the whole world is two-dimensional. The narrator is a square from this world. He starts by explaining his world, and then goes on to tell his story of how he visited Lineland, Pointland and Spaceland (three-dimensional). When he returned to Flatland he tried to share the Gospel of Three Dimensions and was imprisoned for it. This work was originally published during the Victorian Era, and this is abundantly clear in its language and sexism. Overall, and interesting look about how what you see and believe is influenced by your surroundings.

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Einstein’s Genius Club by Burton Feldman

Einstein, Russell, Gödel and Pauli met weekly at Einstein’s house in Princeton during the winter of 1943-44. There they talked about a variety of topics. Using this as the start of a discussion of the history of science and math, Feldman manages to cover much of the science conducted during the first half of the 20th Century. Although this gives only a broad overview, it is quite interesting to see what a small world the scientific community is, and how they interacted through two world wars and their own personal arguments. Although I would not recommend this to someone who has a lot of scientific knowledge, it is a great chance for non-scientists to explore the topic of quantum mechanics.

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