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Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

Sayuri started her life as Chiyo in the small fishing town of Yoroido. Then her life changed when she was sold to an okiya in Kyoto. This book tells the story of her life from when she was that young Chiyo through where she was when telling the story, an old woman living in New York City and running a Japanese tea house. Readers get a never-before-seen look at the world of the geisha from one of the very best. I read the entire book in a matter of days, it’s one of the stories that you neve want to put down.


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Frozen Heat by Richard Castle

The latest book in the Nikki Heat novels based on the Castle TV show, this story keeps up the same kind of fast-paced fun mystery as the previous ones. Nikki is put on a case and the newest victim is found in the detective’s own suitcase, which was stolen when her mom was murdered a decade ago. With this seemingly confusing relationship between the two murders, can Nikki finally close the case on her mother’s death and allow some closure in her own life? Another fun story by Richard Castle!

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From Earth to Moon by Jules Verne

Jules Verne is generally considered the founder of modern science fiction, and this book does not disappoint. After the end of the American Revolution, the Yankee artillerists have nothing to do. Then the president of the Gun Club suggests they build a projectile to get to the moon. This book follows the adventures of creating this projectile, as well as the result of launching it. A fun, fast read that’s a great today as it was in the 19th Century.

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