The Academy by Emmaline Andrews

Kristina and Kristopher have rarely been separated since their birth. With a dead mother and an absent father, plus Kristopher’s medical condition, they have stayed at home in the old-fashioned Victoria. When their Space Admiral father decides that it’s time for Kristopher to go to the Academy and enter the Star Fleet, when all he wants is to play music, the twins are upset. Kristina convinces her brother to stay behind and practice, and she disguises herself as him and goes to the Academy, all she ever wanted, but couldn’t have as a girl. When she gets there, she has to deal with bullies, public showers and growing feelings for her roommate. Can she keep her secret so that she and Kristopher can both attain their goals? A wonderful retelling of a classic tale, I read this in only two sittings. And in one day. Definitely a great YA read!


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