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Wedding Night by Sophie Kinsella

Lottie thought that Richard was going to propose. Instead, he suggested that she come with him on a vacation abroad, so she broke up with him. Fliss, Lottie’s sister, is going through a divorce and was hoping to make Lottie’s life better than her’s. Then Lottie meets with Ben, a boyfriend from her gap year, he proposes and they get married right away. They go on their honeymoon to the Greek island where they met. Fliss and Ben’s best friend Lorcan are trying to stop the marriage in any way possible. A fun chick-lit story perfect for summer!


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Sweet Amy Jane by Anna Eberhardt

Amy Jane is anything but sweet, hence the nickname her uncle gave her, Sweet. She’s a private detective who gets hired by one of the broadcasters of the Saint Louis Lions hockey team to figure out who is stalking him. Then they start to have feelings for each other. Will their pretend relationship to lure out the stalker turn into something real? Another fun chick lit novel! Great for summer!

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